Question: ClearGivers — what do we offer independent retailers?

Question: ClearGivers — what do we offer independent retailers?

Answer: a great opportunity to increase revenue and strengthen community ties at the same time. Read on, to see how . . .

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OK folks, it’s July. With all the weird 2022 energy in the air, honestly, it kind of snuck up on us, but we’re ok, we can deal.

So, what are we talking today?

National Independent Retailer Month is what, baby!

The whole of July is dedicated to those frankly awesome souls who start up their own businesses. With nary but a dream, some hope and a slice of entrepreneurial spirit, they go it for the long haul, and we want to raise a celebratory glass (of OJ — it’s 10am) to them! It’s no joke to start something from nothing, build community relationships and establish an independent brand, and we want to show our support.

Now, this is totally in our wheelhouse, so we’re pretty jazzed. As you know, the ClearGivers platform provides a space for charities to wishlist items sold by independent retailers, for purchase by dedicated donors. And while we work to connect charities, retailers and donors, we’re proud to offer independents an opportunity to increase their sales and business.


We fully know sometimes it’s easier to go big-box shopping. So here are some reasons why the indie retailers serving smaller communities are truly the lifeblood of this country, and why we should use them whenever possible.

  • Up to 60c of each $1 spent in a local business stays within the local community. Compare this with 6c per $1 spent in a big-box store.
  • That 60c stays in the same local community up to 3x longer, since much of the time, local businesses interact with other local businesses.
  • This in turn enhances local business sustainability credentials: staying local → lower transport & fuel costs, → lower environmental impact.
  • Lower ongoing tax costs to the community, since establishing an indie retailer is far less of an infrastructure investment than larger retailers. So it’s indies for the win, all around!


So as we work to build these connections, we’re mightily honoured to be able to highlight a few of the cool indie retailers who are on this journey with us.

Sock Panda, fantastic indie retailer: the owner hand-designs everything in the store, and uses a high-quality small manufacturer in LA. This is truly a local product for proud Angelenos, and an item that many charities constantly need to have in stock.

Eye Embrace is another home-grown talent: a minority-owned store stocking gentle products for eyes. All products are hand selected, vegan and certified cruelty-free, which our charity partners are very pleased with.

Four Seasons Pharmacy is a family-owned independent pharmacy, proudly serving its local community with care and empathy. We’re super proud to have them on board with us, more so since items are in demand from charities.

Savinar Luggage this store — wowsa! Owned by the Savinars since 1916, it’s both a store and a historic artefact. Providing charities with luggage access is something we’re really happy to do.

Swing by the ClearGivers site and learn more about supporting charity alongside independent retailers, at the same time. Sign up or just say hi (both are free) as a Seller, Charity or a Donor, and join us as we work to strengthen business and community ties during this month of celebrating independent retail.

The ClearGivers Team