A secular Easter Spring weekend

A woman looks at a field of flowers bursting through a screen, the flowers look like eggs. Is it Easter? Is it spring?
Spring! Flowers! Eggs! Huh? (Thanks, undraw.co!)

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As many of you will be aware, March and April herald spring festivals around the world. It’s a pretty exciting time of year, as nature kicks into her next seasonal gear! For the variously religious and atheist, we have Easter, Holi, Nowruz, Passover, Eid, Songkran and Sakura Festival, amongst a whole host of others.

Those of a religious bent will be familiar with the multitude of religious stories that abound at this time of year. That said, other differently or less religious people will also be celebrating the approach of spring and the associated holidays, perhaps in more secular ways.

Whatever your faith, spirituality or belief system, here are some fun activities that we can all enjoy and partake in together.

Let’s GO!

(Plus all the post-Easter weekend half-price chocolate!)

(… wait, who wrote that?)

  1. Decorate eggs

The origins may lie in Easter, but this is a super-fun activity that anyone, of any age, can enjoy. Because it’s pretty!

First, blow the eggs out. And please, for the love of all that is spring, with the current price of eggs, don’t waste the insides — make an omelette, or cakes. 🥚🥚🥚

Are you an ethical vegan? You’re in luck! You can buy pre-made molds.

Then, use traditional dyes or newer methods like painting or decoupaging the egg shells to make them pretty and decorative.

Or even simply paint your colleagues’ faces on them, as we do at ClearGivers HQ.

2. We’re going on an egg hunt

Hide chocolate eggs around your house or yard for children (or adults, or yourself) to find. 🪺

Extra bonus fun? Consider hiding other small trinkets, or turnips (maybe for those you are arguing with?) and creating a real scavenger hunt with clues.

3. Bake spring-themed treats

So many different cultures celebrate spring in such different and awesome ways; how about a smorgasbord of themed foods from around the world? Here are some ideas to get you started:

Easter-themed treats: hot cross buns, bunny-shaped cookies, or carrot cake.

Holi-themed treats: gujiya, mathri and alu papri chaat

Nowruz-themed treats: Reshteh polo, baklava, ash-e-reshteh

Passover-themed treats: Haroset, Gefilte fish, chicken liver paté

Eid-themed foods: Sheer khurma, Bolani, Graybeh

Songkran-themed treats: Pad Thai, Som Tam, Mango sticky rice

Sakura-themed treats: Kara-age, Onigiri, Sakura mochi!

4. Watch springtime movies to celebrate the move forward!

There are so, so many to choose from, but here are a few favorites:

A League of Their Own — perfect, as we move into baseball season

Pride & Prejudice — love blossoms along with spring in the movie that keeps being re-made. Pick your own favorite version.

Easter Parade — can a Judy Garland film ever be a bad pick?

5. Go for a springtime walk

As the weather begins to heat up, now is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors. Maybe check out some classes that can teach you more about the outdoors, like his one by Pascal Baudar: Urban Outdoor Skills. It’s fun, and you’ll learn what you’re actually seeing on your walks outside. And maybe a little about how to forage some treats!

6. Have a picnic

This month is a great time for picnics. It’s not yet blazing hot, so food will travel well. Call all your friends, pack your favorite foods, find a pretty spot and get going 

Most importantly: remember wet wipes.

7. Donate to charity

It’s our favorite one! 😉

Spring is a time of awakening, and many religions highlight this time to think about giving and generosity.

Do consider donating to a charity that supports those in need. As you know, ClearGivers is a charity that can take donations, or check out the awesome charities that we support, if you need ideas.

Or pick your favorite one, and go forth and donate for spring! Make 2023 brighter for the community around you. ✨✨✨

Seems to us like we’ve got some picnics to plan!!! Have a wonderful, springy week, and let us know how you celebrated 😊

— — — — — — -

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