5 Ways To Spread The 4th July Joy

An illustration of a man in a yellow top and shorts, grilling a couple of burgers for 4th July

4th July long weekend — first, how did it sneak up so fast?! And second — woooot! It’s actually pretty exciting: finally we’re going to be able to hang with friends and family, chow down on some good BBQ and stare up at the fireworks. Milder than other years, for sure, but fun nonetheless.

Some members of our team are taking time out this year to do some cool stuff in the community around the long weekend, and we thought we’d flag some of the available activities up. If you’re open to it, there are plenty of fab things to do for the community, and they provide lush ways to seamlessly meet cool new people. Here are our top picks — and if you have more suggestions, please shout. We like to hear other folks’ ideas too.

- The Community Pot-Luck Grill

o May be not quite what you think … if you’re hosting a BBQ, get everyone to bring a spare, non-perishable but celebratory item. Collect ’em up for donation to a local food bank. Boom! Extra donations + community solidarity.

- The Food Drive

o Volunteer with the Community Action Partnership of Orange County to help create food packages for distribution to families in need. It happens all year round, but they run special events on long weekends, providing great opportunities to get involved.

- The 4th July Beach Party — wait, what? Yes!

o A beach party? For charity? Yes! Join other fun folks at Perry’s Café in Santa Monica for volleyball, dancing, music and food, all to raise funds for the Veterans’ Housing Crisis.

- Culver City Fireworks, Benefit and Shoe donation

o Book tickets for the spectacular fireworks extravaganza on Saturday 3rd July, and enjoy the beautiful show knowing that your ticket price is going towards several organizations supported by the Culver City Exchange Club. Aaaaand, if you do go, take your old shoes to donate at the event (lightly worn, not gross please).

- Santa Monica Beach Clean Up and Meal

o Exactly what it sounds like — hang out on the beach with like-minded folks, picking up trash and beautifying the place. Follow up your work by enjoying some wonderful tasty food provided by organisers, Vegan Realty!

However you choose to spend your 4th July weekend Day, we hope you have a glorious and relaxing time. We wish everyone the absolute best for a good second half of 2022, and we’re looking forward to seeing you on the other side!