A drawing of two party cats on a WELCOME sign
WELCOME! Image sourced from undraw.co

A huge, warm welcome to you, from the ClearGivers team!

We’re so excited about starting this blog to share our journey with you … we have big juicy ideas for it, as you’ll see. Before we dive in to chats, a quick summary of the ClearGivers model for ya -

We offer an end-to-end wishlist platform for charities, exclusively sourcing items from small and local businesses. Think of it like a wedding registry, but for charities instead of couples. Every dollar spent with us helps both a charity, and a small business. Check our site out for more info: ClearGivers.

As we build our own ethical business, we want to make our learnings accessible for people who are interested. We’re looking forward to communicating our mistakes and our successes equally. We figure we’re definitely not going to get everything right, so why not laugh about our mis-steps together?

Our plan: to intersperse stories about what we’re doing with a spiffy selection of ideas, tips, stories, hints and news all based around a theme of sustainability— a real grab-bag of fun stuff — and we hope you enjoy it all.

We’re super-big fans of Community (the show’s great, but in this case? We mean the idea of Community, with a capital C) and we want everyone to feel included. So we want to have something for everyone. We’re also not the biggest fan of hair-shirts (tried them, found ’em itchy) so as you’ll see, although we’re big on the ethical approach, we also happily invite nuance and laughter to the party. This is a judgment-free zone, friends, and we’re just happy to be here.

And finally, we love hearing from you — conversations are where things start, right? So if you have ideas for articles or charities or businesses you’d like to see talked about, get in touch! We excitedly read all the mail we receive (yes literally, we’re thrilled to get mail), so don’t be shy.

See you soon!