Question: ClearGivers - what do we offer Donors?

Answer: a groundbreaking way to give back and help your local community. Read on, to understand how …

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With the ClearGivers’ platform, we’re thrilled to put something we feel so passionate about into the world. It’s new and exciting, and we hope that our platform is going to make everyone who uses it happier, better off, more content.

This note provides a little more guidance for those who enjoy making charitable donations, specifically about what the ClearGivers platform offers you. We’re approaching charity in a new way, using ethical business principles as a guide towards more efficient charitable work. What does this mean for donors? In summary, four steps:


Fund your ClearGivers account with a monetary amount of your choosing. As ClearGivers is a 501(c)3 organization, this will be a tax-deductible donation.


Use our site to discover charities you wish to support. Explore their wishlists to find items you wish to spend your donation on.

(Why yes, you do get to choose exactly where, how and when your donation is used!)


By using the ClearGivers platform, every dollar you donate supports not only the charity you buy for, but also the small business you buy from.

(Youth Emerging Stronger and Sock Panda linked above are, respectively, a charity and small business we are extremely proud to be working with!)


Through connecting charity with retail, your donation and continued involvement sustain and build on community values, strengthening the ties around us all.

Overall, we’re aiming to create a unique space where donors can come purchase local goods and services needed by charities. It’s a huge idea, and one that promises an exciting journey as we work to create links between two very different worlds. We very much hope you’ll join us.

And remember, if you feel excited about our work, and want to contribute somehow other than donations, get in touch for volunteering opportunities. We’d love to meet you!

The ClearGivers Team