Question: ClearGivers — what do we offer Charities?

Question: ClearGivers — what do we offer Charities?

Answer: a 100% free, user-friendly tool to wishlist goods needed for beneficiaries. Think of us like a wedding registry, but for charities :) 

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If that’s enough and you just want to sign up now, we’re here: ClearGivers — go ahead and register for a charity account today.

And if you want more info? Please, read on …


In a rush? Here’s the skinny on how charities use our platform.

1. Register on our platform as a charity. Remember to include your EIN — we use this to verify our users.

2. Use our site to go shopping and wishlist items you want purchased for you.

3. When donors purchase items from your wishlist, you’ll be notified to watch the mail.

That’s all there is to it! It’s 100% free for registered 501c3 organizations to use. Read on if you’re interested in what we’re doing and why.


The ClearGivers platform came about as a solution to supply-problems within the non-profit world. Being lifelong volunteers and charity helpers, we’ve seen firsthand issues of scarcity within charities.

When you’re trying to help people, it frankly sucks to not be able to source the stuff you need to provide that help. So, we sat and brainstormed. And our solution was this: why not enable charities to wishlist items from different stores, before having to fundraise a dime?


A seed was sown. And now, here we are: the ClearGivers platform. Our purpose-built registry for Charities to use, to wishlist items you need. The tool is and will always be 100% free for 501c3 organizations to use, and we’re overjoyed to tell you that by using it, anything donated to you benefits not only your charity, but also a small business. Read on to understand how …

As we were building, we were wondering how best to serve other users of the platform. And we figured, why not focus on smaller, local stores, who are already fighting in a world of big box retail? So we did.

And finally, we’ve worked to make the experience truly delightful for donors. Using ClearGivers provides them not just the usual satisfaction of donating funds, but also the pleasure of following their donation through to the end, choosing exactly how each $1 gets spent.

In summary, we’re proud to say we’ve made a purpose-built tool to make life a little easier for charities, and each and every $1 donated will benefit not just a charity, but will also provide some business for a local store.


We’re only operating in CA right now, but we’ve got big plans, baby! Stay tuned to see where we go next 


We’re Aisha, Jason, Jeffrey and Abs — four friendly people, keen to make a difference in the world. And when we say friendly, we mean it! Get in touch if you want to know more or just want to say hi. We’re eager to meet you :)