Giving in to spooky season

A few charitable ideas for October

A person with a pumpkin for a head is standing and looking into the distance.
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Nights getting darker … temperatures falling (well — kind of, we’re still in SoCal) … houses getting spookier … full-fledged #psl sightings …

People, it’s full-on pumpkin spice latte spooky season! AKA beautiful, gorgeous fall! At ClearGivers, we’re big fans, and I mean BIG. FANS. If it’s spooky, or spicy, or involves leaves falling, we are IN.

This year, with everyone still working out what’s normal in a post-pandemic world, we wanted to share some of the October-time giving events we’re most excited about. In the spirit of community coming back together, we’re going to do as many of these as we can. And hey, we absolutely know it’s still tough out there for lots of folks, so no pressure at all. Whether you’re giving financially, in-kind, your time or your good vibes, it’s all community, and we’re totally in this together. We hope to meet you out there!

Remind me, when is Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

It’s October, baby. During the whole of this month, charities with a focus on breast cancer up their activities to drive awareness of the condition.

The National Breast Cancer charity makes truly great, informative resources available to everyone — check their site out and get involved.

And here are several fun, related activities to get involved with this month in LA — walks, runs, boogies and food events. Meet some cool people and help raise money for a worthy cause all in one.

Two pink pumpkins sit outside a door. Pink is to signify breast cancer awareness month.
Pink pumpkins. Image courtesy of

In this, the scariest month, take care and watch out for spookies, ghosts and bullies … wait, what?

Don’t be a Monster is a great charity doing meaningful, hard-hitting, vital anti-bullying work. I’m genuinely in awe of these guys — they travel the country, giving school assemblies and presentations on bullying and what to watch out for. Check out their site for more details and to maybe catch them near you.

Finally, do you know a little human who’s had a bad year, and could use an uplifting Hallowe’en costume?

Ween Dream gives Hallowe’en costumes to children who are disadvantaged and just need a tiny fun break from their normal circumstances. It’s a lovely program, and definitely makes a difference to kids who are not living through good circumstances.

Whatever you’re doing to help your community this month, enjoy yourself. Hallowe’en is such an awesome thing to celebrate, and we’ve all earned it after a ratty couple of years. With so many fun events in the calendar, it’d be a real shame to miss out. Just remember to take all the normal precautions with vaccines, masks and rapid testing. Stay safe out there 

And if you have a minute to spare, head on over to our site and check out some of the new small businesses and charities using our platform. We’re super excited to welcome them and you! Reach out to us here if you’d like to get involved or just say Hi.