Charity Events in April 2023

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April 2023’s Charity Events to attend

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Hey hey! I guess — is spring actually here now? For reals?

We jest (kinda), but seriously, as the weather warms up, there are a ton of great events to attend for charity in April. Here are 6 that caught our eye, but let us know what you’re attending!

1. Good + Foundation Community Volunteer Day

On April 1st, you can help the Good + Foundation prepare for mothers’ day, by joining them for a fun day of assembling specialized goody bags for expecting mothers.

2. Annual Dinner Gala for Bet Tzedek (the House of Justice)

Act fast to get your tickets to this event, scheduled for April 4th. Bet Tzedek provides free access to legal justice for thousands of Angelenos every year. Their gala is always meaningful and inspirational so we highly recommend this one.

3. Annual Steppin’ 4 Autism walk, created by Consuelo Evans

This one’s lovely — an awareness walk on April 15th in Compton. Attendance means you’ll meet folks with autism, folks with relatives with autism, and folks curious about autism. It’s a great event to attend to learn, meet people and hang out in a goodly atmosphere.

4. Comedy Fundraiser for Homeless Not Toothless charity

On April 22nd, get your tickets to watch the Big and Tall Comedy Tour in Hollywood, and know that you’re helping to raise funds for veterans receiving help from Homeless Not Toothless.

5. Earth Day Beach Clean Up hosted by Sea Sprite Hotel

On April 22nd, make your way to Hermosa Beach for an amazing meet-up-slash-beach-cleanup! The Sea Sprite Hotel is making community work work for the community (geddit?!), by providing snacks, drinks and good vibes  Grab a friend, a trash-grabber and a bucket and come on over!

6. Kids Beach Clean-Up Event (plus Travelling Tidepool, Arts & Crafts, and more!)

This April 29th, why not head down to the Dockweiler Youth Center in Playa del Rey for a great, family-centric day of fun, games and some volunteering? Cleaning up the beachfront is a great, satisfying thing to do, plus you’ll meet other awesome folks, and get your beach time in. What’s not to love?!

Maybe we’ll catch you at an event or two. Send in your favorites!

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