Happy birthday, Earth Day!

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Birthday time (thanks, undraw.co!)

Happy birthday, Earth Day!

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What is Earth Day?

A day that was founded way back in 1970, by Senator Gaylord Nelson. Nelson was in favor of holding a day that would be a ‘national teach-in on the environment’ and the team decided on 22 April to maximize the number of university students that could be galvanized into action. Nelson’s aim? To bring pollution and its disgusting effects into the public spotlight so something could be done about it.

Earth Day Now

It’s become a day celebrated in a bunch of places around the world. Go Senator Nelson!! Many groups use it to schedule team or community clean-up events, charity fundraisers, generally things around the environment. Sometimes, in some places, Earth Day gets extended into an Earth Week — 7 days of fun and reflection about our Earth.

But — seems like the Earth is still not doing so well?

That depends on your point of view, buddy. Overall though, activism and positive effects springing from the initial intentions behind Earth Day have been great. It’s just that the problem keeps growing larger, just as the human population also keeps growing larger.

Our view? It’s important to set aside a few moments to think about your place in this world, even universe. Taking a little extra care to mind out and not be a super-a-hole in the world we live in would be nice. Not obligatory! But nice.

Earth Day is a great way to remind everyone that we live on a planet, and we’re part of an organic, ever-changing ecosystem. So far as we know, there is no Planet B (lol, rofl, etc).

So it would be good to take a little care about how we tread through.

Happy Earth Day, everyone!

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