LA-based charity events in June 2023

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Summer’s here! (thanks,!)

Charity events line-up: June 2023 in Los Angeles

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Another round-up of upcoming charity events as we move into summer! We’re hoping to see you at some of these 

1. BogeyFest ’23: golf, live country music, food and drink in one event on Friday June 2nd, all to benefit the Children’s Hospital of Orange County. So we’ll just say right now — golf accompanied by live music seems like the thing that’s been missing from all our lives. What’s your handicap?!

2. The Edge of Summer in Clockshop’s courtyard — a beautiful fundraiser held to celebrate ideas of belonging and care. Join the crew for art, music, food and conversation on Saturday June 3rd.

3. We Outside: an event hosted by Education Is Key. Join in with a huge array of games, stalls and fun to raise awareness for the importance of health and activity for everyone on Saturday June 3rd. Bring your friends and your competitive spirit — it’s sure to be a brilliant day for everyone involved!

4. Fundraising Event for A Fatherless Daughter NonProfit. This is definitely going to be both fun and special: a thoughtful day of raising awareness for a worthy cause, and of getting to know local community vendors. Save the date: Saturday June 10th.

5. Juneteenth Community Festival Charity Giveaway — a really wonderful day when Open Arms Food Pantry will be hosting a giving event. If you’d like to donate to the event, or be present, or volunteer, please visit this site. This event will occur on Saturday June 17th to celebrate Juneteenth.

6. Animal Services Donation Event: a day hosted by North Central Animal Services. Drop in to meet the volunteers and donate dog and cat food, and zip lock bags, Tuesday June 20th.

There are tons of charity-related events happening throughout June in Los Angeles — let us know about the ones you are attending, throwing or have just heard about and think are cool!

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