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Helping You Pack Since 1916 Celebrating more than 100 years in business, H. Savinar Luggage Co. is one of the oldest luggage stores in the US. Our employees have been with us on average 25 years so you can be assured you will get the best service and the best advice. Just A Few More Reasons Why You Should Buy From Us H. Savinar Luggage Co. has seen a lot of changes in its 100 years of business, but what we haven’t seen changing is our loyal customer base that has spanned for almost 10 decades now! In fact, our customer, which is you, matters to us and Mr. Savinar so much that he chooses every item we carry personally. Oftentimes, he requests to see a bag stripped down without fabric just to see exactly how it is put together, as he wants to make sure that you get exactly what you are paying for.